Faith- Based Graft

THE pieces of a puzzle involving the fraud attempt by Cipta Inti Parmindo at the West Java and Banten Bank (BJB) are slowly coming together and becoming clearer by the day. The Attorney General’s Offi ce has publicly declared that money fl owed from the company, led by Yudi Setiawan, to Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) stalwart Ahmad Fathanah. The PKS, as it turns out, seems increasingly involved in graft and corruption cases, particularly as the 2014 general elections loom. And although the PKS will target Rp2 trillion, what remains a big question mark is whether the money questionably amassed goes to individuals or the political party.

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Ahmad Fathanah , the West Java and Banten Bank , BJB , PKS , Justice and Prosperity Party , Yudi Setiawan , Cipta Inti Parmindo , corruption , gratifications ,
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Faith- Based Graft
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