Safe Return From Sulu

Safe Return From Sulu THE release of the 10 Indonesians held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf terror group in the southern Philippines was a heart-warming development after weeks of tension and uncertainty. Yet, unanswered questions remain. Were the 50 million pesos of ransom paid and, if so, by whom? Is it true non-governmental third parties played a role in the negotiations? And most importantly, what was the stance of the Jakarta and Manila governments over the incident? These are questions that point to an urgent need for an effective foreign and security policy to prevent recurrences. Law: Beyond Barbarism The gang-rape and sadistic murder of a 14-year-old girl in Bengkulu, Sumatra, should be the subject of serious introspection by all concerned. Where have morality, family values —seven of the 12 rapists were underage youths—and justice gone? The district court may sentence the perpetrators to 10 years in prison but the victim’s parents are calling for the death penalty over the vicious crime committed on their daughter. Outreach: Budding Entrepreneurship OUT of 250 million Indonesians, only 1.5 percent are entrepreneurs. Yet, experts say at least 2 percent of the population must be involved in business to ensure a country’s economic sustainability. To get young people interested in entrepreneurship, associations like the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) hold seminars and offer internships to students. Tempo English reports on youths doing business in Medan and Bali.

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Safe Return From Sulu
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