Transforming Political Discourse

Transforming Political Discourse CANDIDATES competing in the February 2017 election for the Jakarta governorship are increasingly relying on social media for their campaign tactics. In cyber space, their teams of Internet specialists wage a war of words through various Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts, some of which are offi cial and accountable, others anonymous and irresponsible. Is this a sign of how future elections will be decided?   Law: Tax Amnesty Loophole IN the wake of of the tax amnesty euphoria, it was a real letdown to read of the KPK nabbing a tax offi cial accepting a bribe from a company seeking to reduce its tax obligations. If the government expects people to comply with its regulations, it must instill more public trust in the system. Review the system and plug the loopholes. Outreach: Saving Endangered Sharks IN many countries, sharks are highly sought after for their fi ns, an exotic delicacy. More than 100 million of them are killed every year, with some 10 percent coming from Indonesia, home to 25 species, some of them endangered. Countering this trend, the Bali Sharks Rescue Center runs a rescue and release program, creating awareness among the fi shermen community. Meanwhile The Dorsal Eff ect, provides alternative livelihood for shark-hunting fi shermen by hiring their boats and taking tourists on diving trips.

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Transforming Political Discourse
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