Tables Turned

Tables Turned THE police is finally targeting Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader, Muhammad Rizieq Syihab over cases reported by the public. At least eight different complaints have been lodged against Rizieq, from desecrating state philosophy Pancasila to insulting a lowly civil defense member and most recently, a defamation of the currency symbol issued by the central bank. These cases have been reported to different police precincts. But is there a strong enough bullet to get this ever popular guru of radicalism? Economy Setting Up Soe Holding Companies THE government seeks to merge state-owned companies under holding companies, given the prospect of bigger assets, ease of capitalization and business efficiency, among other benefits. But the road to prosperity is strewn with one hurdle after another: bureaucratic inertia, lack of political will and deficient resources. Yet, President Joko Widodo has ambitiously set a target of six holding companies to be set up by the end of the year. Outreach: Learning Value-Added Farming GIVEN the rich vegetation of the land, Indonesia could be food self-sufficient. Yet many of its farmers still eke out a subsistence living out of their land. Thanks to youths like Juananda Kopayona who is helping wild-honey gatherers in East Nusa Tenggara and Ahmad Tarmizi in West Nusa Tenggara advising soybean farmers, there is now increased awareness on the need for value-added farming.

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Tables Turned
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