The Devil’s Highway Daendels’ Great Post Road

It's about Tempo traveled of the Great Postal Road, from Anyer to Panarukan. To commemorate  construction of  historical highway.


Herman Willem Daendels, the Dutch East Indies 36th governor-general, sought to stamp out feudalism in traditional Indonesian society. Hence his disdain for any show of royal respect for the kings of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.


On May 5, 1808, he ordered the construction of the Great Postal Road (De Grote Postweg). The first stretch connected Buitenzorg (Bogor)—where his palace was located—to Cirebon, on Java’s northern coast. Construction did not go as smoothly as he had expected. 


Work on the road from Megamendung to Cadas Pangeran resulted in many deaths among the laborers. 


He assembled Java’s 38 regents and ordered them to continue building the road until Semarang, then on to Surabaya. This major arterial road remains the only direct route between east and west Java, making it today a vital economic highway.



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The Devil’s Highway Daendels’ Great Post Road
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