Bounty And The Beast

Bounty And The Beast Despite the ban on trade of endangered Sumatran elephants and tigers, the killing continues, reducing their numbers at an alarming rate. The high value of the elephant tusks and the tiger skins make it diffi cult for law enforcers to nab the poachers and illicit traders, who may be backed by former separatist rebels and rogue police and military personnel. Political will is sorely needed if this slaughter is to stop and save our ecosystem.   Interview Police Chief Badrodin Haiti: We’re Not Angels POLICE Comr. Gen. Budi Gunawan may be down in the public eye, but he is certainly not out with his fellow police and powerful politicians, as his sudden and secretive appointment as the new deputy police chief would indicate. Will the new police chief be overshadowed by his infl uential deputy?   Outreach: Learning To Sell MOST business schools in Indonesia teach theory but no practical experience. As a result, students never learn how to face problems or acquire the nerves of steel required to run a business. Some institutions, like Makassar State University and State Vocational 2 in Batam, are trying to change this old pattern of teaching. After students are taught theoretical strategies, they learn how to apply them, get hands-on experience and find out the cost of doing business. How do students learn to be good entrepreneurs? Tempo English reports on innovative teaching methods on the occasion of World Entrepreneurship Day on April 16.

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Bounty And The Beast
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