The End Of Petral

The End Of Petral PERTAMINA CEO Dwi Soetjipto at long last dissolved the company subsidiary, Pertamina Energy Tading Ltd, better known as Petral, along with its many business units. The Oil and Gas Governance Reform Team appointed by President Joko Widodo recommended that if Pertamina were to improve its performance, Petral should be dissolved. Waiting to take over in the wings is Pertamina’s Integrated Supply Chain (ISC). Does this represent real change in the operations of the state-owned company, or a mere case of old wine in a new bottle? Special Report: Daendels’ Great Post Road AWED by the victorious French Revolution, Marshal Herman Willem Daendels, the Dutch East Indies’ feared 36th governor general in 1808, ordered the construction of the Great Post Road. It was a visionary plan that would eventually link Anyer on Java’s west coast to Panarukan in the distant east and mobilize people and products. Tempo traces the trail of this colonial legacy, discovering along the way, tales of a moving history and connectivity. Outreach: Teaching Samaritans LEARNING and getting an education should be the right of every child. But in many parts of the country, poverty often deprives them of schooling, producing great numbers of dropouts, particularly those living in remote areas. They are far from existing schools, the radar screens of offi cialdom and the oversight of the media. In the end, it’s always some caring soul from among them who takes up the challenge to do something. Like Muhammad Saleh from the hamlet of Tololai in West Nusa Tenggara, who built a school from his salary as a night bus driver, and Rahmanuddin Husaini from Hamak Utara hamlet in South Kalimantan, who set up a classroom for students of all ages to learn how to be literate. Then there’s Muhammad Zabur in the Bengkulu hamlet of Aur Cina, who pawned his wife’s jewelry to build a classroom. Who are these good samaritans and how did they overcome their challenges? A Tempo English report to commemorate National Education Day on May 2.

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The End Of Petral
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