Test of Faith

Test of Faith When Muhammad Yasser Arafat recited the An-Najm Surah, a verse in the Holy Qur’an, intoning it in the style of traditional Javanese songs, instead of the usual Arabic way, at the State Palace recently, he unleashed a torrent of controversy, pitting the moderate against radical elements. Why is it Indonesian Islam so diffi cult to accept? Economy: Fighting Over The JICT R.J. Lino insists on continuing JICT’s management contract with Hutchison. Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan threatens to cancel and revoke Pelindo II’s permit. Outreach: Celestial Calligraphy To Muslims, Arabic calligraphy is more than art.It is how man interfaces with his Creator. There can be no Qur’an without calligraphy, a tradition that has endured since the 11th century. Hoping to generate more calligraphists in Indonesia, Didin Sirojuddin became the fi rst to establish a pesantren or religious school in Indonesia. Meanwhile in Bengkulu, Rosmani is the person behind the rising popularity of batik-making using Arabic calligraphy as a motif, an art which disappeared from view for a while. In Palembang, religious scholar Syofwatillah Mohzaib, built a Qur’an House, as a way to express his gratitude to the Almighty. A Tempo English report in celebration of the holy day of Idul Fitri 1436 Hijriyah, on July 17 and 18.

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Test of Faith
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