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Behind The Headlines BEHIND every story, so they say, is another waiting to be told. Some people liken investigative journalism to peeling an onion, going through layer after layer until the core is reached. As Tempo reaches its our 45th year of existence on March 7, we would like to share the work that goes behind a cover story, choosing five out of 11 selected examples to represent the years we focused on investigative reporting. The articles expose corruption, conspiracy and human tragedy and the outcome of their publication. Economy: A Drop In The Ocean THE moratorium on foreign fishing vessels issued by the Fisheries and Marine Affairs Minister Susi Pudjiastuti is making waves. The policy to deregister boats following the evaluation of thousands of former foreign vessels has triggered protests from businesspeople. As a consequence, hundreds of vessels today are unable to berth in Indonesia. She is seen to be unfair in how she applies the law. How will she resolve the multilayered complexity in the fishery sector? Outreach: Changing Climate Change LAST December at the COP 21 conference in Paris, 189 countries finally reached a global agreement to tackle climate change for the first time in history. All countries agreed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In Indonesia, the government has created the Energy Security Fund (DKE) to finance investments on renewable energy although it has yet to be implemented. But some communities have jumpstarted efforts to protect the environment by initiating their own renewable energy programs. Students of the Green School in Badung, Bali, introduced the bio-bus to shuttle students. In Pontianak, a musician began his low-emission lifestyle by installing solar panels in his studio and on his motorcycle. Tempo English reports from Bali and West Kalimantan.

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