Death of a Terrorist

Death of a Terrorist THE life of terrorist Santoso, alias Abu Wardah, came to an ignominious end last week when he was showered with bullets. After a year of being hunted on the mountains and jungles of Poso, Central Sulawesi, he was fi nally cornered and killed by units of a joint operation between the police and the Indonesian military. But the death of Santoso, leader of the East Indonesia Mujahidin group that swears allegiance to ISIS, does not mean the end of the terror threat. His successor and the next amir with his band of followers still roam the jungles and mountains of Poso. Economy: Last Minute Inclusion The inclusion of foreign banks to the list of financial institutions designated to receive funds repatriated by the tax amnesty program has drawn considerable protest and suspicion. This is particularly the case since it happened just minutes before the finance minister signed off on the relevant regulation. The fear—unwarranted or not—is that the repatriated funds in the hands of foreign banks will just as easily go out again. Outreach: People’s Programs To Halt Dengue DENGUE fever has remained a disease endemic to Indonesia despite overall declining cases. Last year, the health ministry recorded 7,244 dengue cases causing 100 deaths, considerably reducing it from 23,882 cases with 197 fatalities in 2014. The government is making efforts to further reduce the numbers by intensifying the 1 Rumah 1 Juru Pemantau (Jumantik) or ‘one house one mosquito larva examiner’ program. A number of regional governments have set up dengue eradication programs aimed at motivating the people’s involvement. Tempo English reports on public efforts to eradicate dengue.

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Death of a Terrorist
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