One Card For All

One Card For All THE government’s plan to combine all the ‘smart’ cards and facilitate the distribution of its health, food, education and other aid programs for the poor and needy, faces structural and political hurdles. Plans to involve Visa and MasterCard in the process is being opposed by the central bank, which prefers state-owned and private national banks to handle it. But do they have the complex technical infrastructure to serve millions of families throughout the country? Interview: Sudirman Said On Indonesia’s Mining Sector HE managed to avoid the fi rst cut—or first reshuffle—of President Joko Widodo’s cabinet last year, retaining his post as energy and mineral resources minister. But there was no escaping the second one, two months ago, when Sudirman Said was unceremoniously removed from office, with no apparent reason other than to allow for ‘adjustments’ in the light of new developments. In an exclusive Tempo interview, Sudirman Said shares his experience in heading arguably one of the most difficult portfolios in the government. Outreach: Roads To Reconciliation THE massacre of close to half a million people after an aborted coup and the murder of army generals on September 30, 1965, is the darkest chapter in the history of modern Indonesia. There has never been an official accounting for the killings. But in Central Sulawesi, the mayor of Palu publicly apologized to victims living in his area and launched an ongoing public discourse on the tragedy. In Bali, an exhumation of mass graves and giving the bodies a proper burial was one way of reconciling with the tragic past.

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One Card For All
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