Terror Behind The Veil

Terror Behind The Veil FOR the first time in the country, a woman was groomed to carry out a suicide bombing planned to take place in front of the State Palace, on a car-free Sunday when people milled around to do their weekend activities. The tool was a simple pressure cooker bomb, that would have devastated hundreds nearby. Luckily, the police counter-terrorism unit nabbed the plotters and foiled a tragedy. But how many more such women are out there, waiting for a chance to strike? Investigation: Medical School Malady RESEARCH, Technology and Higher Education Minister Mohamad Nasir recently issued licenses to five institutions of higher learning to open a medical school. He did this against the recommendation of an evaluation team which found those institutions to be unqualified. Tempo’s investigation reveals many medical schools fail to meet standards but keep on exceeding the quota to recruit medical students. Outreach: Ecotourism to Protect Forests INDONESIA is the world’s fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases, most of it caused by forest degradation, but it is determined to address the problem. Last November, Tempo English visited West Sumatra to report on projects aimed at reducing this environmental scourge. In Sungai Buluh village at Padang Pariaman, residents created a new ecotourism attraction: a tree house at the peak of a rocky hill. Additionally, their mushroom farms provide them with an alternative source of income.

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    Terror Behind The Veil; Investigation: Medical School Malady; Economy: Oil And Gas Contractors To The Rescue; Outreach: Ecotourism To Protect Forests
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Terror Behind The Veil
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