Too Close To Home

Too Close To Home ARIF Budi Sulistyo, a brother-in-law of President Joko Widodo is involved in a tax bribery scandal. His name emerged at the trial of tax official Handang Sukarno, who faces bribery charges. Arif is suspected of lobbying officials to nullify the tax obligation of EK Prima Ekspor Indonesia, a company owned by Ramapanicker Rajamohan Nair, a friend of Arief. Even Tax Office Chief Ken Dwijugiasteadi, is suspected of intervening. Just who did Arif meet to ensure his friend’s Rp78.8 billion tax obligation is wiped out? Economy: Vegetables Online THANKS to e-commerce, farmers’ produce has become a vital supply for big food retail and wholesale companies. With access to information on supply and demand, price fluctuations and assorted markets, Indonesian vegetable farmers are prospering and contributing towards employment and productivity in rural areas. Most of all, it is cutting the supply chain value by half, benefitting the farmers and reducing consumer prices. Outreach: Fishermen And Marine Conservation AS a maritime nation, 3 million of Indonesia’s populations live in coastal areas. But less than 900,000 seek their livelihood from the sea. Today, as their marine environment face increasing degradation, they have become custodians of the environment. Fishermen in Bunaken, North Sulawesi, and Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, ensure sustainable fishing around their waters. In Gianyar, Bali, fishermen are protecting marine species like the sea turtle from extinction, by operating conservation sites.

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Too Close To Home
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