Why is Aceh Rebelling?

FOR 58 years this country has been independent, but there is still an uprising in Aceh. Indonesia has long been faced with separatist movements, yet we were not wise enough to learn lessons from the past. In Aceh, an ulama (religious scholar), who was also a charismatic leader of the local people, Teungku Daud Beureuh, raised a rebellion against the central government in 1953. It was very ironic. Teungku Daud welcomed the Proclamation of Independence in 1954 and took an oath of loyalty. He loved the freedom of Indonesia and collected funds from the Acehnese to finance the military and diplomatic struggle against the Dutch. So, why did he rise up? The military operation in Aceh has been ongoing now for 12 weeks. So August 17 is the right time for introspection: Why did those who once loved this country rebel?

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Why is Aceh Rebelling?
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