Seven Salutes The Best of 2012 Local Leaders

REGIONAL politics sound grim after the KPK’s data on corruption in the regions: 31 regents and mayors convicted since 2004. It is further dispiriting that some areas are still governed by family or cronies of the corrupt local leaders. Among 497 regents and mayors nationwide, there are undoubtedly some who are honest and efficient, using their seat of power not for abuse but to enhance the prosperity of their respective areas. Last covered in 2008, Tempo is back with a special issue on local leaders. Selected are seven super-administrators who govern far from the glitz of Jakarta and the associated media spotlight, yet these local leaders—three from Java and one each from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua—are models of inspiration. Who are they and what have they done to deserve recognition?

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Seven Salutes The Best of 2012 Local Leaders
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