Budi Gets The Boot

Budi Gets The Boot; POLICE Comr. Gen. Budi Waseso was fi nally dismissed from his position as chief of the Crime Investigation Division for allegedly stirring the political pot by issuing controversial indictments against legal institutions like the anti-graft KPK and the Judicial Commission. He was unceremoniously sidelined and reappointed to the politically less damaging National Narcotics Board. Investigation: Semen Indonesia’s Saga in Rembang RESIDENTS of Kendeng Utara reject the construction of a cement plant by state-owned Semen Indonesia company, which plans to mine limestone, the raw material needed to produce cement. Locals regard the mining as a threat to their groundwater source and the continued existence of native fauna. Tempo’s investigation team uncovered questionable points in its operating license and in its environmental impact analysis. Outreach: Small Is Super TIRED of being chased by money lenders, but unable to get fi nancing the regular way, a number of rural communities set up their own lending agencies, in line with the borrowers’ affordability. Farmers in Agam, West Sumatra set up the Micro-Agribusiness Financial Group, now involving 300 units. At Kelubagolit, Timor, local residents set up the Teachers Credit Cooperative, whose membership grew to 10,000 and has become the engine of their village’s growth. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) recently announced a plan to set up a savings guarantee institution to protect such microfi nance groups. A Tempo English report. Economy: Saving TPPI Refinery State oil and gas firm Pertamina wants to acquire TPPI and restart its Tuban refi nery, which was last active in May 2014. Great care is being taken to ensure the move is legal.

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    Budi Gets The Boot; Investigation: Semen Indonesia’s Saga in Rembang; Economy: Saving TPPI Refinery; Outreach: Small Is Super; Horizons: Indah Morgan, Indonesian Diaspora Activist; Our Migrant Workers Need Advocates
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Budi Gets The Boot
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