Clash of Wills

Clash of Wills THE government claims the mining sector owes the state a whopping Rp 25 trillion, most of it in unpaid royalties from major coal mining companies. But mining companies say that it is actually the government that must pay them refunds from overtaxation dating back many years. Who is in the right or is this just another case of a regulatory mixup that led to confusion and uncertainty? Regrettably, it will be seen as yet another example of the risks of doing business in this country. National: Ahok’s Dilemma JAKARTA Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama —better known as Ahok—has indicated he may take the political party path on his way to compete for reelection in 2017, following his meeting with PDI-P chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputri. This is bound to trigger a huge disappointment among the ‘Friends of Ahok’ network that has successfully garnered 1 million signatures to support his candidacy as an independent. Ahok may have realized that however immense his popularity, it may not ensure him the political protection he needs for the future. Outreach: Cocoa Communities COCOA trees grow abundantly in Indonesia. Yet, out of 1.7 million hectares of cocoa plantations, the country only produced 700,000 tons of cocoa beans last year. To realize its greater potential, cocoa-producing communities have started to focus on improving their farming techniques. In Bantaeng Regency, Sulawesi, farmers apply sustainable cultivation by eschewing chemical pesticides, while in Jembrana, Bali, cocoa farmers have also shifted to organic farming. Tempo English reports on the efforts of local cocoa communities to achieve global ranking.

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Clash of Wills
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