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The Politicians Strike Back
No. 38/17 Edisi 14-05-2017
The Politicians Strike Back
The Dark Side of Social Media
No. 20/17 Edisi 08-01-2017
The Dark Side of…
Transforming Political Discourse
No. 15/17 Edisi 04-12-2016
Transforming Political Discourse
Chairil Anwar 1922-1949:  Poet, Patriot And National Enigma
No. 52/16 Edisi 21-08-2016
Chairil Anwar 1922-1949: Poet,…
No. 79/ Edisi 01-08-2016
Justice For Sale: The involvement of Supreme Court officials in a suspected bribery case points to a corrupt court system
No. 37/16 Edisi 02-05-2016
Justice For Sale: The…
Indonesia's Angels: Women Warriors at The Forefront of Change
No. 35/16 Edisi 18-04-2016
Indonesia's Angels: Women Warriors…
Behind The Headlines
No. 29/16 Edisi 13-03-2016
Behind The Headlines
The Extraordinary  Villas and Designers
No. 0102/2016 Edisi 11-02-2016
The Extraordinary Villas and…
Seascapes and Shorelines
No. 13/16 Edisi 22-11-2015
Seascapes and Shorelines
Special Report: One Year on
No. 10/16 Edisi 01-11-2015
Special Report: One Year…
Jejak CIA Pada Tragedi 1965
No. 32/44 Edisi 11-10-2015
Jejak CIA Pada Tragedi…
Independence Day Special: Hamengku Buwono IX The Republican King
No. 52/15 Edisi 23-08-2015
Independence Day Special: Hamengku…
Helping Hands: Bureaucratic Reform Minister Yuddy’s Arbitrary Selection of Officials
No. 44/15 Edisi 28-06-2015
Helping Hands: Bureaucratic Reform…
Fulfilling the Promise
No. 52/14 Edisi 18-08-2014
Fulfilling the Promise
Election Special Forces
No. 43/14 Edisi 15-06-2014
Election Special Forces
Special Report Yap Thiam Hien: Uncommon Courage
No. 41/13 Edisi 03-06-2013
Special Report Yap Thiam…
Seven Salutes The Best of 2012 Local Leaders
No. 16/13 Edisi 16-12-2012
Seven Salutes The Best…
Special Report: A Soldiers's Story
No. 12/13 Edisi 18-11-2012
Special Report: A Soldiers's…
Special Report : Up And Coming
No. 26/12 Edisi 26-02-2012
Special Report : Up…